SQL Exam & Interview Questions

150 original questions carefully prepared by SQL trainers for each level and constantly updated!

Hi everyone

We have prepared an appropriate SQL training for each level. With this training, you can test your knowledge. Examine the questions in the exams and interviews.

Keep in mind that these questions you’ve never met before are approved by our best instructors.

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Throughout the training, we did not apply the classical question-answer methodology and divided the training into sections. The training consists of two parts, which are the practical level, as well as the test sections consisting of beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert levels.

Each question in the content of the training was reviewed by taking the opinions of the experts in the world’s leading companies according to the degree of difficulty.

In this training, which we use the capabilities of Oracle database, you will be able to prepare for the exam questions asked in the world’s leading companies as well as the certification exams.

I have shared the scripts and data of the tables we use to test the codes.

The questions in the training will be constantly updated and new ones will be added.


Why this course

Let’s list a few of the reasons for attending this course;

1- You will have a question pool for each level

2- You will see the types of questions you haven’t seen before

3- You will have 150 questions pool and new questions to be added continuously

4- You will consolidate your theoretical knowledge and you will understand what level you are

5- If you do not understand the questions and answers, you will be able to follow your progress with the trainers you can always ask questions.

6- You will also be able to test the Oracle database-specific codes.

7- You will not have difficulty in SQL exams or interviews.

8- You will have the opportunity to repeat the integrity of the subject and review the codes through your research.

If you can’t find the answers to the questions, you can contact us through the training page section. For the challenge, you should research and learn!

I wish to have a pleasant and useful education


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